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Here's bringing to you easy to follow Thanksgiving craft activities for preschool kids. Read to know all on Thanksgiving crafts ideas for preschoolers.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Preschool Kids

Turkey, family, friends, feasts, football, parades, and vacations constitute the major elements of Thanksgiving Day, an important festival of the Americans. Celebrated as a harvest festival to pay homage to the Almighty for the bountiful produce granted to them, Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in the month of November, each year. Preparations begin immediately after Halloween and end with the start of the Christmas season. Everyone seems to be indulged in utter joy, fun, and enjoyment. Nevertheless, crafts also form a significant part of the fun. Thanksgiving craft activities help foster fondness for Thanksgiving Day amongst the kids. Beginning with preschool Thanksgiving crafts, they can help introduce important symbols, like turkey, pilgrims, and pumpkins. Some popular craft activities for preschool kids are listed below. Take a look!

Simple Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Materials Needed
  • 5-6 different Turkey Sketches (uncolored)
  • 1 Colored Image or Picture of Turkey
  • Crayons or Color Pencils
  • String or Thread
  • Give the preschool kids a sketch of turkey and ask them to fill in the colors, taking help from an already colored image.
  • Give the kids more of such turkey sketches to color.
  • Let them now color the Turkey without seeing the reference image.
  • Once all sketches are colored, pass a thread through all and make into a hanging that can be hanged on the walls etc.
  • Kids will be delighted to see their colorful creations and by then would have also understood what a turkey is.
  • Similarly, preschool kids can also color sketches of pilgrims, pumpkins, and so on, till they have finally learnt about them all.
Simple Clay Pilgrim

Materials Needed
  • Plastic Clay (different colors)
  • Give sufficient amounts of plastic clay to the kids.
  • Ask them shape the clay into an oval for the main body.
  • Tell them to shape some clay into a round for the head.
  • Tell them to also shape some clay into a small hat for the pilgrim.
  • Ask them to make very small 6 balls of clay, one each for mouth and nose, and two each for ears and eyes.
  • Now, tell them to place the small balls on the head accordingly and also the hat.
  • Ask them to shape the remaining clay into hands and legs, strong enough to carry the weight of the upper body.
  • Tell them to assemble different body parts - the head, hands, and legs.