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Brighten up your Thanksgiving by decorating your homes using easy to follow Thanksgiving decoration ideas we bring for you here.

Easy Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is a wondrous festival celebrated by America as a sign of thanking God for the generous harvest granted to the people. Marked with immense zeal and gusto, Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday of the month of November, each year. Thanksgiving decorations add a colorful mood to the festive celebrations. These decorations can either be purchased from the market or created at home. However, as per tradition, people generally prefer to make Thanksgiving decorations themselves, reason being they provide an outlet for their thumping creativity and imagination. Thanksgiving decorations are usually done using certain typical symbols that have come to be identified with Thanksgiving traditions, such as, turkey, pumpkin, natives, pilgrims etc. Decorating homes for Thanksgiving doesn't require huge amounts of money or skills. All that is needed is some aesthetic sense and a will to do it yourself. Let us have a look at some interesting easy-to-follow ideas that will help you beautify your homes on Thanksgiving.

Candles and Leaves Table Centerpiece
To create this attractive and beautiful centerpiece, you will require candlesticks, candles, and preserved or fresh leaves or branches. Arrange candlesticks randomly down the table, with the tallest ones in the center. Set fall leaves on the tabletop around the bases of the candlesticks. Decorate with a few pinecones, miniature turkeys, or even foil-wrapped chocolate turkeys. Affix the candles and you are ready to dazzle the Thanksgiving feast with this splendid decor.

Corn-Print Place Mats
Prepare a colorful set of holiday place mats and bring some extra magic to your Thanksgiving meal. To make these place mats, you will need an ear of corn, kitchen knife, plastic corn cob holders, fabric paints, paper plates, and cloth place mats. Break an uncooked earn of corn into pieces measuring 2 inches. Coax the ends with a kitchen knife and firmly attach a plastic corn cob holder to the end of the corn. Squeeze out some shades of fabric paint onto a paper plate and roll the corn in the paint. Thereafter, roll the corn over cloth place mat and repeat to create overlapping patterns and hues. Allow the paint to dry and heat-set the place mats as per the manufacturer's directions.

Potted Green Plant Table Centerpiece
You will require a green plant (ivy preferred), fall leaves, and mini pumpkins. Pick up a beautiful green plant with trailing branches. Place it on the center of the table (in a basket, cache pot, hollowed out pumpkin, or even a soup tureen) and insert some fall leaves into the plant. Add a few more down the table. Nestle several mini pumpkins either into the plant or near the trailing vines.

Cornucopia Decoration
A cornucopia has always been a hit when it comes to Thanksgiving decorations. Simply purchase a simple cornucopia basket from a crafts store and fill it with fruits and gourds (real or plastic), adding some faux sugared grapes and fabric vines to complete the bountiful look.