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Decorate your lawn with nature's bounty this Thanksgiving. Use these interesting ideas for Thanksgiving lawn decorations. Read on.

Thanksgiving Lawn Decoration

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with Thanksgiving prayers, lavish feasts, and a host of Thanksgiving fun activities. It gives everyone an opportunity to decorate their homes thereby setting a colorful mood for the festival. Thanksgiving decorations range widely, from indoor decorations involving decorating Thanksgiving dinner table etc. to outdoor decorations including decorating the lawn, yard, and so on. Thanksgiving was originally a time to celebrate the harvest season. The festival traditionally signified enjoying the fruits of labor from an entire season of growing and caring for vegetable plants. With time, Thanksgiving celebrations have evolved and now indicate using natural resources to festoon your home and lawn true to the festive mood, rather than completely honoring it. There are endless natural ways to add color and life to your Thanksgiving decorations. Here are some interesting easy-to-follow ideas to decorate your lawn for Thanksgiving.

Decorating with Thanksgiving Harvest
Thanksgiving lawn decorations popularly involve spending the summer and early fall months planting and growing vine vegetables, like pumpkins, gourds, and squash. To have these ripen by Thanksgiving, one must plant them at the end of June or beginning of July. Pumpkins, gourds, and squash look great in combination for displays in the lawn.

Decorating with Cornstalks
A great way to decorate your lawn is to make use of cornstalks and not chop them down. The brown cornstalks remind us of the season of Thanksgiving. They are a great way to beautify a lamp post or post that supports an awning in the yard. Cornstalks can be tied with twine for staking tomatoes. Keep in mind, in order to slow the cornstalks from decomposing, leave them in ground for as long as possible. Depending upon which climate zone you are located at, you may be able to use actual corn too. Though tradition is to display Indian corn but any type of corn husks, you still have remaining in your garden, will work well. You can display corn husks in combination with gourds, pumpkins, or cornucopia.

Decorating with Fruits
Traditionally, fruits were also a part of the original harvest season. If you have an orchard, do display its fruits also. You can place them in a cornucopia or even in a simple fruit bowl. Fruits can also be placed in a hay sack. You can use fruits like grapes, apples, oranges, or even pears. Do keep in mind that fruits decompose faster than vegetables and thus, must be kept out in the lawn for a short time before Thanksgiving.

Decorating with Tree Leaves
During the fall season, gardens and yards get covered with fallen leaves. Instead of treating them as waste, you can use them creatively to decorate your lawn. Once you gather the fallen leaves, place them on top of a hay sack or around a lamp post that has a corn stalk tied to it. The fall colored leaves look very appealing and original when contrasted with your green colored lawn.