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Thanksgiving centerpiece is the main attraction of dinner table, along with traditional turkey. Read the following article to know some beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and people can be seen preparing for the festivities. Thanksgiving is a popular festival mainly celebrated in US and Canada to pay gratitude towards God for His umpteen blessings. Thanksgiving celebrations include Thanksgiving prayer, lavish Thanksgiving dinner and lots of fun activities. Decorations form an important part of this celebration as people invite relatives and friends for traditional family dinner. Thanksgiving dinner is the central attraction of Thanksgiving and includes turkey, pumpkin pies, cranberry and plenty of other traditional dishes. All the Thanksgiving activities are centered on the dinner table and thus, the table attracts maximum attention. For the same, decorating the dinner table is quintessential. And when it comes to table decoration, centerpiece plays a very important role. Centerpieces are available in a variety of options. Read further to know about some interesting Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas that you can use in the upcoming Thanksgiving festival.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Harvest's Bounty
One of the very beautiful and attractive Thanksgiving centerpieces is harvest's bounty. This arrangement includes dried ears of corn and sheaves of wheat reflecting the rustic origin of Thanksgiving. To get the right arrangement, you have to insert dried wheat sheaves into the sides of a cylindrical florist's foam. Place colorful dried ears of corn over the wheat sheaves. For an elegant elevated look, place this arrangement on footed compote.

Bounty of Cranberries
This elegant and vibrant Thanksgiving centerpiece will definitely hold your breath. It consists of elevated cranberry spheres, which provide a very colorful appearance. To make this centerpiece, cut toothpicks of half lengths and skewer one cranberry to the end of each toothpick. Take a foam ball and poke cranberry-laden toothpicks into it. You can add more elegance to this centerpiece by weaving coiled grape vines through the arrangement or you can also choose to sprinkle acorns around the bases.

Seasonal Drama
Another pretty Thanksgiving centerpiece that you can use in this season is seasonal drama, which includes seasonal rosehips that broods above the table with help of satin ribbons. To make this arrangement, take a grapevine wreath base and wire rosehips, late-flowering roses. Also don't forget to include other seasonal blossoms, berries, leaves and colorful twigs to the arrangement.

Running in the Leaves
Not only is this arrangement unique, but also quite attractive that can amuse the viewer. To make this centerpiece you have to arrange a table runner utilizing camel-color wool flannel or felt. Cut the flannel to the required size with the help of pinking shears. Set matching ribbons along the center of the runner and holdfast with double-stick tape or fabric glue. Now place a compote or cake stand in the center of the table and spread leaves, mini pumpkins, and pears along the runner.

Green Attraction
This Thanksgiving centerpiece made up of green vegetables is perfectly suited for the Thanksgiving harvest feast. To create this centerpiece, stretch two strong rubber bands around a white pillar candle and then insert the vegetables stalks of asparagus and green beans underneath the band. Finally cover the bands by encircling with satin ribbon, and don't forget to decorate the tray with few white mum flowers and coffee berry sprigs.