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Thanksgiving parties are fun, but you are bound to get confused if you are the one planning it, especially when you are planning invitations.

Thanksgiving Day Party Invitations

Thanksgiving Day is fast arriving and you are the host this year. A number of things must be going through your mind including the arrangements of the party. But, before anything, you need to first choose an invitation card to invite the guests to your party. Shopping for invitation cards can become a tedious job if you don't know what exactly you want to shop for. Thanksgiving is a day to give and there are different symbols attached to the festival. You can use these beautiful symbols for your invitation card. There are a number of suitable ways to invite your guests to the party. You can always try your own craftsmanship in designing a card as it will give a personalized look to the card and the guests too will feel special after receiving a handmade invitation from you. Below provided is a sea of choices, before you actually make up your mind for a particular card. Have a look.

Thanksgiving Day Party Invitation Ideas

Pumpkin Invitations
This big orange vegetable has a right to join the feast too. Don't murder your pumpkin's feelings and allow him to party with you. An integral part of Thanksgiving Day, the veggie was part of harvest feast which was served at the first Thanksgiving Day. So, if your dinner table must have a pumpkin, then why your invitation card can't have some. Get an invitation card with a number of pumpkins on it, the orange and green colored theme with vine or floral style of alphabets will be a nice combination.

Leaves Invitation
As the feast is celebrated during the fall season and fall reminds of trees shedding beautiful maple and other leaves, you can have your Thanksgiving invitation card featuring pattern of shedding leaves on it. The golden and light brown colored theme will give the card a charming look. You can use a gothic old style of font to print on it, which will perfectly blend with the color, theme and style of the invitation. You can also choose maple leaf shaped invitation for your party.

Cornucopia Invites
Cornucopia is probably is the only Thanksgiving symbol which haven't changed a bit from the time it was first used. A cornucopia is a horn-shaped container which was used by the Native Americans and pilgrims alike, to store the abundance of the harvest. This symbol has, thus, become an integral part of the Thanksgiving feast. You can try getting cornucopia-shaped invites or you can get an invite with a number of cornucopias forming the border of the invitations. You can use a country style font which will appear great when printed.

Family Photograph Invitation
The best way to give a touch of personalization to a card is by adding your family's photograph to it. A nice sepia or grayscale photograph with a rice paper effect to add on to it will look really great on the invitation card. Golden and other autumn colors will become a suitable background for your picture. There can be more than one photograph on your invitation or you can go for a nice collage even. As for the wordings, you can always use italicized gothic font in golden color.

Native American Invite
Native Americans were the one for whom the first Thanksgiving feast was organized by the pilgrims. Hence, it is only natural if you have an invitation card which reflects them. Your invitation card can comprise of an Indian chief hat print on a corner of the invitation or you can get an invitation which has a number of feathers on its border. This will give your invitation a whole countryside look. Variations of green and yellow are what you can go for when it comes to colors. The font which can be used here is comic sans or any other sans serif font which goes with the theme of the invitation.

Turkey Invites
A Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete without a turkey. Such has become the importance of a turkey during the festival that some people have even termed the day as Turkey Day. What better way can it be than to send your Thanksgiving Day party invite in the shape of a turkey? Or even better, how about a small turkey as an option? If you are going for the latter, attach a message card to the turkey and let your guests know of the party details, its date, time, venue and theme (if any).