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Here are some mischiefs to be played on Thanksgiving Day. These mischievous pranks and tricks will make your Thanksgiving all the more memorable.

Thanksgiving Shocks

Thanksgiving is a devout and religious festival celebrated to thank God for granting a generous harvest during the autumn season. Traditionally a highly sacred and praying holiday, Thanksgiving has transformed into a feasting and merrymaking occasion. Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year, this festival is looked upon as a time to splurge in exotic meals, watch football matches, view extravagant and colorful parades, attend family gatherings, and set out for vacations. Nevertheless, amusement and humor can be very well included in the celebrations to make the day even more enjoyable. Try these tricks and pranks, only if you are sure you can run away unscathed from the irritated victims, to come back and gobble everything off the table on Thanksgiving Day. Take a look
  • When everything is in the middle of the meal on Thanksgiving Day, say out loudly, "I knew it! None of you have still noticed that the turkey was six months past its expiry date!"
  • While everyone thanks the Lord for their very own blessings, just say "I'm thankful I didn't get caught!" Heave a sigh of relief and keep mum.
  • Toss your portion of the rich and creamy Thanksgiving stuff into the blender and prepare the new 'Thanksgiving Weight Loss Shake' that you heard about on television.
  • Request everybody to listen patiently to a special Thanksgiving speech that you have prepared before eating. Then, proceed on to give your several-hour long speech.
  • Call a 'special' friend on Thanksgiving Day who wouldn't stop narrating the sufferings of turkeys in the poultry farms and tales of their tragic and abusive conditions. Photos add the punch.
  • When all your family members and friends are prepared at the thanksgiving table and all set to raise a toast, quietly move aside and switch off the lights. Shocked to find the electricity missing, the entire atmosphere will create lots of chaos among the guests. Keep the candles ready on the table, and light them one-by-one to bring down the fright of everyone present. Surprise them with a candlelight dinner and when everyone's stuffed with all the delicious and scrumptious thanksgiving meal, turn on the lights again.
  • This can prove to be a little surprising trick for your wife. Offer to bake a turkey for this Thanksgiving Day. Buy a plump turkey from the market and stuff it with all the luscious and yummy stuffing. But just before you put it in the oven for baking, stuff a Cornish game hen inside the turkey. Allow the turkey to bake at its best. Remove and ask your wife to slice it. Just as she would cut the turkey, she is bound to jump in fright and find that the turkey was pregnant, not realizing that it's a Thanksgiving prank planned on her.
  • Apples pies are relished and enjoyed by everyone on Thanksgiving. But this season, let all your family and friends treat themselves on a different apple pie. After you have prepared the pie crust and filled it with apple stuffing, sprinkle lots of chili flakes on the stuffing. Immediately cover it with the top layer of crust, lest someone catches you and reveals your prank. Bake the apple pie and slice it up. Time to serve some delectable apple pie, with a tinge of hot chili! Do not miss to capture the expressions on everyone who's had a share of the pie!