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Recite this Thanksgiving Weather report in your party and see how this funny party idea makes everyone roar with laughter.

Thanksgiving Weather Report

Marked as one of the most significant festivals of America, Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday in the month of November. A time to rejoice and make merry, this occasion is a family holiday filled with enjoyment and feasting. Turkey, family, friends, and football are symbolic of this holiday. To infuse some more hilarity and entertainment to your celebrations, we bring you an in-house weather report that is sure to tickle your funny bone and take your amusement to a different level. While the weather outside turn cold and windy with freezing temperatures, the indoor temperature has a different story to narrate. Read through the lines below to laugh your hearts and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday to the maximum.

As the turkeys thaw in the morning, their temperature will gradually increase through the day when placed in the oven, touching a high temperature of about 190 degrees F, by afternoon. The cook's temperature will soar to hot and dry while humidity of the kitchen will increase terribly. Busy moms may give you a cold shoulder today. Bothering them too much may lead to a small tempest. By later afternoon, the cold knife will cut across the turkey and one-to-two inch high slices of turkey will fall off on the plates.

Cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes will make the plates slippery and grimy. Stuffiness may increase drastically around the waist belt, so warnings have been issued about indigestion and weight watch today. You will have to pass the gravy. However, the evening will see turkey diminishing to leftovers which can then be evenly distributed to all the guests. Any leftovers will drop to a low temperature of 34 degrees F, when stored in the refrigerator. The high pressure in the stomach will diminish slowly by the following weekend.

Moving ahead towards Friday and Saturday, there is likely to be a high pressure for everyone demanding for sandwiches, prepared from the leftovers. Thus, spells of leftovers can be expected over the two days, which will graduate towards a 50 percent chance of scattered soup late in the week. A warming trend will then take over when soup is developed. Eventually, in the early next week, eating and hogging pressure will subside, leaving behind the remains, in the form of bones.