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Let your teachers know how much they mean to you this Thanksgiving. Read on to know interesting Thanksgiving teacher poems.

Thanksgiving Poems For Teachers

Thanksgiving traditionally was a day to thank the Almighty for blessing people with a bountiful harvest. With time, Thanksgiving traditions evolved to their present state, of being an occasion when we express our gratitude to all who have been of help to us in anyway. Needless to say, God tops the list. Thanksgiving involves, besides prayers and feast, a host of other activities. It is a day when we engage ourselves in thanking all - family, teachers, friends, and so on - who have stood for us in times of need. Teachers, who play a vital role in shaping our future by guiding us at every step, come to occupy a special place in our hearts. Teachers, by imparting us the wealth knowledge and helping us become better beings, deserve to be thanked every moment in our lives. Thanksgiving poems for teachers are a special category of Thanksgiving poetry, dedicated to expressing our heartfelt thankfulness to our teachers. They are a sweet way to letting our teachers know how much their invaluable contribution to our lives mean to us. They can either be read to the teacher or simply presented in written form on a paper. Alternatively, a sweet Thanksgiving poem can also be written on a Thanksgiving card before presenting it to your teacher. Read on for some thoughtful Thanksgiving poems for teachers.

Thank You Teacher

Thank you (your teacher's name) for all you've done
For teaching all I need to know
I'll all remember you most fondly
No matter where I go.
- Anonymous

Secret Gratitude

For you, I don't know why
But you, make it all clear
And you, wrap it up perfectly
For you, I'll do my best

You never taught me how to win,
But to be justified
You never told me what to do,
You just guided me through it

The paths were all laid,
But you let me run so free
You never carried me to the grass,
You let me swim the seas

For you, is why I am here today
But you, are half the reason
And you, let me make mistakes
So for you, I learn from the
- Jenessa Irene Hopkins

A Sweet Poem Say Thank you Teacher

Now that I am leaving
I can tell you how I feel;
My heartfelt appreciation
Is deeply felt and real.

You're a really great teacher
That's what we all say
And as a Thank You for all your help
I'm giving you an A

On second thoughts that's not enough
For helping all of us.
So from me you get this THANK YOU,
As well as this A PLUS

No, that's not enough either
For the teacher that you are
You get this Thank You, an A+
As well as this GOLD STAR
- Jon Bratton

Because of You

A teacher is a person
Who helps you every day.
Who scolds you when you're bad
And helps you find your way.
Thanks for what you did for me,
for teaching me something new.
For I would not be here today
If it hadn't been for you.
- Sharon Hendricks

Hearts You Reach

Hearts you reach
When you teach.

In many ways,
For endless days,
You're ever giving.
It's your living,
that stands out,
with such clout.

Hearts you reach
When you teach.

You climb the hill,
Inspire, instill,
Us the same,
Keep our aim.

You open minds
Each one finds,
Their path to see,
true destiny.

Hearts you reach
When you teach.
- Paul Berchtold