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Browse through this section to find out about top movies to see on Thanksgiving Day. A laugh and love filled time awaits you!

Thanksgiving Movies

The Thanksgiving Day is at hand, you know what that means don't you? It means big family get togethers and offering thanks for the people and things in your lives. It means lovingly cooked stuffed turkey along with many other delicacies like yams, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and pies. It means colorful and vibrant parades with star performances to keep you glued. It means two teams locking horns in a rivalrous match of traditional NFL football. And when all this has been enjoyed to the fullest, it's the quiet time that follows. What to do in that time is entirely up to you. But if you're looking for some good suggestions, we propose that you spend this time, cuddled together with all the members, by watching some good old Thanksgiving movies, sipping a hot cuppa joe or a classic French wine. It will be like a perfect culmination to the blissful time enjoyed by one and all.

As for which movie to see; there have been number of movies whose plots revolve around the theme of Thanksgiving that have been released over the years. And the movie suggestions that we have in store for you were not only praised by the critics but were also commercial hits, and since their release, they have repeatedly been watched and adored by many on an around the Thanksgiving Day. It's because more than anything else, the makers of these movies were successfully able to incorporate all elements: comedy, family drama, and romance, with just the right pinch of heartfelt human emotions that will make you feel blessed to be with your family on Thanksgiving. The gala of a time that is to be had watching these movies with your loved ones will make you want to wish that Thanksgiving was a monthly event. Explore this section to know about the names of these Thanksgiving movies along with mini-detailed synopsis, and the one that appeals best to you. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
What do you get when you pair up one nervy and uptight advertising executive with one blabber mouthed but well meaning and accident prone curtain ring salesman? You get one of the best comedy movies of all time, especially fun to watch on or around the Thanksgiving holiday, together with family and friends. Neal-the executive, played by Steve Martin

Pieces Of April
Released in 2003, "Pieces Of April" is an American comedy drama film, written and directed by Peter Hedges. The plot revolves around April Burns, played by Katie Holmes, the eldest daughter of a dysfunctional family, apparently an outcast (string of bad boyfriends and rebellious attitude), and her effort to host a Thanksgiving dinner for her family. This directorial debut by Peter Hedges, although

Home For The Holidays
"Home For The Holidays" begins with an opening scene in which the central character Claudia Larson, played by Holly Hunter, finds out without warning that she has been fired from her job as restorer of paintings at a Chicago Art Museum, to which she responds by kissing her soon to be ex-boss. Having to go back to her overbearing parents on the Thanksgiving, and that too via plane when

Hannah and Her Sisters
"Hannah and Her Sisters" is an American comedy drama film, directed by Woody Allen, which spans over a period of 12 months, beginning and ending at the Thanksgiving parties hosted by Hannah (Mia Farrow), who's also the story's anchor, and her husband Elliot (Michael Caine), an accountant and a financial planner. Hannah meets her two sisters, Lee (Barbara Hershey) and Holly

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
First aired on 20th November 1973, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" is an Emmy Award winning animated TV special that is based on the popular comic strip Peanuts, created by Charles M Schulz. Since 2007, it is aired every November on television. It starts with Lucy van Pelt with enticing Charlie Brown to kick the football she's holding. Remindful of their previous episodes, Charlie refuses