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Thanksgiving celebrations are incomplete without Thanksgiving jokes. Read on to know all about interesting Thanksgiving jokes.

Thanksgiving Jokes

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated to commemorate the first feast that was shared by the pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians in the year 1621. Ideally a festival to thank God for the bountiful harvest generated, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November annually. The present Thanksgiving celebrations are not how the festival was first observed. Over the years, customs and rituals have evolved, though the day is primarily a harvest festival. Falling on a Thursday, America generally observes a four-day holiday, giving people enough opportunities to meet family and friends, or switch to a family holiday. Sumptuous traditional delicacies, exuberant parades, and football matches form the major Thanksgiving festivities.

Thanksgiving celebration, besides Thanksgiving prayers and dinner, gives people an opportunity to indulge in a host of fun and frolic activities. Thanksgiving jokes form a significant part of the Thanksgiving festivities. Humor adds to the joy with which Thanksgiving Day is celebrated, giving people more reasons to look forward to the event that comes once in a year. Thanksgiving jokes are clean and simple humor, intended to unleash laughter and bring smiles to all involved in the joyous celebrations. Thanksgiving jokes in all probabilities are linked to either the Thanksgiving menu - Turkey, Pumpkin etc. - or the event itself. Explore this section to find some hilarious and side-splitting jokes on Thanksgiving Day.

Christian Thanksgiving Jokes
Thanksgiving Day celebrations that involve offering Thanksgiving prayers surely have a spiritual bent. However, the piousness surrounding Thanksgiving Day doesn't come in way of fun that accompanies the event. Celebrated with immense joy and enthusiasm, Thanksgiving Day is commemorated on the fourth Thursday in the month of November, each year.

Funny Thanksgiving Jokes
Thanksgiving Day, a much awaited event, is celebrated with offering Thanksgiving prayers, followed by a scrumptious traditional dinner. Marked on the fourth Thursday of November each year, this propitious harvest festival is celebrated with much pomp and galore in America, Canada, and some other countries. However, Thanksgiving celebrations are incomplete

Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids
Thanksgiving Day celebrations are usually much more than just the Thanksgiving feast. Festivities involve loads of activities, like cracking Thanksgiving jokes, making Thanksgiving crafts, and so on. All these add up to make Thanksgiving Day, a much awaited event, special particularly for the kids. It is a day when kids go out of their way looking for Thanksgiving humor and try outwitting

Thanksgiving Jokes for Teens
Thanksgiving is one of the most auspicious and significant festivals celebrated in the United States of America, as a harvest occasion to thank God for his blessings. Thanksgiving, for teens, is an event, filled with enjoyment, fun, and merrymaking. Teens during Thanksgiving indulge in a variety of fun filled activities like cracking Thanksgiving jokes and breaking out into laughter. Jokes for teens are usually those which although