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Here are some of the most common Thanksgiving hymns and songs that are a must for Thanksgiving music.

Thanksgiving Songs

Enriched with family, friends, football, and feasts, the wondrous festival of Thanksgiving Day is commemorated to give thanks for the food collected at the end of the harvest season. Originally a religious and sacred festival, Thanksgiving has now taken the form of frolic and feasting over the centuries. It is a national holiday observed throughout the United States with much pomp and galore. People can be seen decorating their homes and preparing traditional delicacies at home days before the festival actually arrives. Roasted turkey, stuffing, apple pie, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and loads of seasonal veggies are served at the Thanksgiving Dinner table. But, before anyone steps forward to take the first bite, they offer prayers and sing hymns as a mark of thankfulness.

Agreed that Thanksgiving Day is not how it was first celebrated in 1621, but it still imparts the traditional methods of observing this highly significant festival. Initially a day of offering prayers and fasts, this tradition can still be seen, though with a lower intensity. Nevertheless, people still pray to express their gratitude and appreciation for the Lord, for his blessings and plentiful harvest obtained. Besides, hymns are also sung at churches and homes to convey the same pious message. With this section, we bring you a list of some popular and highly religious hymns and songs, often heard and performed during the Thanksgiving holiday period. Surf through this segment to know them. Also, find their lyrics, which will be utmost use to you during the festivities.

O God, Beneath Thy Guiding Hand
The wondrous festival of Thanksgiving brings immense joy and enthusiasm on its arrival. The entire America gets infused in the gala mood, preparing for one of the most significant holidays of the nation. Celebrated every year in November on the fourth Thursday, Thanksgiving is a holiday marked to express thanks and appreciation to Lord and every good human being for their blessings and undue support.

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come
Thanksgiving Day is a harvest festival that unites all family members, friends, and loved ones at one place to convey their heartiest gratitude towards them and to the Lord, most importantly. People look forward for this festival to mingle with everyone and indulge in absolute joy, happiness, elation, and entertainment. "Come, Ye Thankful People,

Count Your Blessings
Joy, ecstasy, bliss, and thrill come naturally with this festival. Such is the significance of this festival that is a declared national holiday across the United States of America. Besides, it falls on a Thursday, which makes it a four-day weekend for everyone to enjoy and move outdoors for getaways and short vacations. Thanksgiving, as it is known, is a wondrous festival

Creation's Lord, We Give Thee Thanks
Feasting, prayers, family and friends, football, and parades are synonymous with the magnificent festival of Thanksgiving. And above all, turkey forms the central figure of this truly glorious occasion. With preparations, that begin at the end of Halloween and end with the beginning of Christmas celebrations, Thanksgiving is commemorated with much pomp and fervor across the United

Faith Of Our Fathers
The joyful and blissful occasion of Thanksgiving is celebrated annually in November on the 4th Thursday; thus, giving the Americans a four-day weekend to enjoy and loosen them in the festive mood. Primarily a harvest festival, Thanksgiving has evolved over years as a feasting festival largely, although prayers are offered to thank for the harvest obtained during the season.

For The Beauty Of The Earth
The devout and joyous holiday of Thanksgiving is celebrated every year throughout the United States of America. This harvest festival lets everyone honor and thank God for this never-ending blessings and the bountiful harvest procured during the season. Major festivities include relishing traditional dishes, watching football matches and parades, offering prayers, and indulging in weekend getaways.

Give Thanks To God The Lord
Thanksgiving Day is an annual national holiday observed in the United States of America to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Rich is legend and symbolism, Thanksgiving Day originated in 1621 and was a religious festival then. Today, the festival has become largely secular and frivolous. It is a holiday observed on the fourth Thursday of November.

Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
The national holiday of Thanksgiving Day is celebrated primarily in the United States as a harvest festival, to thank the Lord for his blessings and harvest granted during the season. This harvest festival is celebrated in other parts of the world as well, though at different dates and with different names. The blissful occasion of Thanksgiving was traditionally a devout day,

I'm A Pilgrim
Enriched with legends and symbolism, Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday observed throughout the United States as a harvest festival to express gratitude to God for his blessings and harvest obtained in the past year. Set by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1939, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

Lone Pilgrim
Thanksgiving Day is a harvest festival observed primarily in the United States on fourth Thursday of November, every year. People take this national holiday as an opportunity to convey their gratefulness to God for the harvest and blessings bestowed upon them over the past year. Traditionally being a religious and fasting festival, Thanksgiving has now transformed into a joyous

Now Yield We Thanks And Praise
Fun, enjoyment, delight, and ecstasy are some terms that can describe the wonderful festival of Thanksgiving Day. Commemorated on the fourth Thursday of November, this national holiday is a harvest festival, chiefly observed to express your gratitude towards the Lord for the bountiful harvest and blessings granted during the past season.

O Lord, Our Father, Thanks To Thee
Thanksgiving Day, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, is a national holiday observed in the United States to express gratitude and thanks to God for his blessings and granting a generous harvest during the fall season. Thus, it is celebrated as a harvest festival across America with immense zeal and enthusiasm.

Ten Thousand Thanks To Jesus
The tempting and irresistible smell of roasted turkeys cooking in the neighborhood reminds one that Thanksgiving is arriving soon and will be sighted in every household. Turkeys are symbolic to Thanksgiving and play a vital role in the celebrations. Besides, yummy mashed potatoes, apple pies, pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, and other fall vegetables

Thanks To God
Thanksgiving Day is all about expressing your gratification and appreciation towards God for the harvest and blessings conferred upon the people of America in the past year. Commemorated on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving is a four-day festival marked with loads of fun, enjoyment, thrill, and merriment. Plenty of traditional and seasonal delicacies, visiting family and friends,

Lord Jesus, We Give Thanks To Thee
The gleeful and wonderful festival, Thanksgiving Day, is commemorated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. Marked with immense splendor and grandeur, this holiday is a harvest festival which gives everyone an opportunity to express thankfulness to the Almighty for his everlasting love and blessings, in the form of plentiful harvest procured during the fall season.

To Thee, O God, We Render Thanks
Filled with family, friends, and feasts, Thanksgiving is a delightful and joyous holiday, commemorated on the 4th Thursday of November. Offering thankfulness and gratefulness to the Lord for his blessings and abundant produce at the end of the harvest season is the principal thought behind its observance. The beauty and concept of Thanksgiving Day can best be highlighted with a song.

Now Thank We All Our God
The legendary occasion of Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday of November in the United States and is celebrated with much showiness and magnificence. Since it is a national holiday and falls on a Thursday, people get a four-day weekend to enjoy with their family and friends, while most of them make trips to distant destinations.

We Gather Together
The harvest and blessings of the Lord for the past year are celebrated as Thanksgiving Day in the United States. This joyful festival is one of the six national holidays of the US, and hence, is commemorated with immense zeal and enthusiasm. Lavish feasts, family gatherings, colorful parades, exciting football matches, singing hymns and songs, and holidaying are