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Thanksgiving Day party is a grand event of the year; you invite all your close ones to a party and thank God for His benevolence. Know more what thanksgiving day is all about.

Thanksgiving Day Party

"Our rural ancestors, with little blest,
Patient of labour when the end was rest,
Indulged the day that housed their annual grain,
With feasts, and off'rings, and a thankful strain"
- Alexander Pope

A national holiday, Thanksgiving Day is a prominent celebration, observed mainly in four countries namely, Canada, United States, Norfolk Island and Liberia. The feasting is celebrated during the season of fall. In Canada, the feast is celebrated on second Monday of October, while in United States it is celebrated on fourth Thursday of November. In United States, the festival is celebrated in tune of a mix European and Native American traditions. The festival marks the end of a harvest cycle and hence is celebrated to thank God for the good yield and to make merry after the year of hard work and toil.

According to American history, the first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in the year 1621 at Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was celebrated as the European pilgrims were able to survive the hostile climate of America. Also, their hard work and labor paid them in the form of a healthy and ample harvest. As such, they decided to throw a feast to thank God as well as to show their gratitude to the Wampanoag Native Americans who taught them how to cultivate crops and fish for sustenance. The tradition continued and since then, has been celebrated in America with great vigor as Thanksgiving Day. Canada, however, has a totally different reason to celebrate the feast. The Canadian explorer, Martin Frobisher, tried hard to find a northern passage towards the Pacific Ocean, but failed. The Canadian Thanksgiving celebrates his homecoming.

Over the years, the celebration of Thanksgiving Day has witnessed immense change from what it was during the early days. A number of essential symbols of Thanksgiving have been added to this day. The traditional practice of having dinner with close knit friends and family members have also got a makeover and has given way to lavish parties with sumptuous meals, interesting games, fascinating decorations and of course, a Thanksgiving favor. With this section, explore complete details about what is to be taken into consideration when planning to throw a Thanksgiving party. The details provided would help you make your Thanksgiving party a rocking one!

Thanksgiving Day Party Gifts
Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching. Are you all buckled up and enthusiastic about the upcoming occasion? The time has come to thank and show your gratitude first towards God and then to friends, family members and loved ones for all that you have received. Gifting has become a tradition when it comes to Thanksgiving Day, a festival of giving. Through gifts, you can express your

Thanksgiving Day Party Favor
Thanksgiving Day is a perfect occasion to make merry with friends and family members. It also forwards natives just the right opportunity to host parties and organize get-together. If you are thinking of organizing a party this Thanksgiving Day, then there are a lot of things that must be crossing your mind. Decor, menu, games, activities and of course, the inevitable favor options! While the decorations

Thanksgiving Day Party Invitations
Thanksgiving Day is fast arriving and you are the host this year. A number of things must be going through your mind including the arrangements of the party. But, before anything, you need to first choose an invitation card to invite the guests to your party. Shopping for invitation cards can become a tedious job if you don't know what exactly you want to shop for. Thanksgiving is a day to give