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Thanksgiving Day originated in America. Read this article to know more about Thanksgiving and some superb ideas for Thanksgiving 2015. Thanksgiving date for 2015 is Thursday, the 26th of November.

World of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day, as the name itself suggests, is a time to offer thanks. On this occasion, there are family gatherings and holiday meals, giant balloons and holiday parades. On the dinner table, turkey is the most common meal, along with pumpkin pies. It's the time for all to indulge in fun with their family members and friends. As such, on this special celebration, we present all readers with the entire special Thanksgiving holiday assortment, such as stories of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving, some very interesting turkey facts, tasty holiday recipes, Thanksgiving games, the history behind Thanksgiving, Lincoln's proclamation of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Crafts and much more.

Thanksgiving Day is commemorated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. In 2015, this auspicious occasion will fall on 26th November. Celebrated as the national holiday in the United States to commemorate the harvest reaped by the Plymouth Colony in 1621 after a winter of great starvation and privation, this day was proclaimed as Thanksgiving Day in that year itself by the then Governor William Bradford, while the feast was shared by all the colonists and the neighboring Native Americans. Since then, the tradition of observing Thanksgiving Day has continued. People take part in the festivities with full joy and enthusiasm to celebrate the harvest and blessings granted upon the by the Almighty in the previous year.

The lavish meals and delicacies served at the dinner table are symbolic of offering thanks to the God for the bountiful harvest had throughout the season. Preparing traditional foods, offering prayers, participating in colorful parades, watching football matches, and traveling to distant places for vacations are the most prominent symbols of this special holiday. George Washington proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving Day on 3rd October, 1789, which was later announced as one of the six national holidays of the United States of America by the then President Abraham Lincoln on 26th November, 1863. The harvest festival is celebrated in various other parts of the world, though by different names and at different dates.