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Favors form an important part of Thanksgiving Day celebration. Read on for some ideas on what favor to be given while bidding guests good-bye.

Thanksgiving Day Party Favor

Thanksgiving Day is a perfect occasion to make merry with friends and family members. It also forwards natives just the right opportunity to host parties and organize get-together. If you are thinking of organizing a party this Thanksgiving Day, then there are a lot of things that must be crossing your mind. Decor, menu, games, activities and of course, the inevitable favor options! While the decorations can be kept ethnic and menu traditional, it is the favor part that can be a little stressful, as the favor needs to be such that it lets the person know that you were obliged by his/her presence. Thanksgiving can be the best time to tell someone you care and this can be done by inviting him to the Thanksgiving Day dinner and treating him with a nice favor. Choosing a nice and different favor can consume a lot of time so we are here with a few nice ideas for favors to save your time.

Thanksgiving Day Party Favor Ideas

Cooking Spices
If you want to gift a Thanksgiving favor to someone who loves cooking, then what can be a better idea than adding a little spice to that person's life, quite literally? Yes, we are suggesting you to gift spices to the person, but with a style. You just need to put spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, asafetida etc. in few small packing and then putting all these spices into a small embroidered bag. The aroma of the spices will refresh the mood of the person.

Wine works for every occasion, your guests will be more than delighted upon receiving a favor which they can savor to use. You can go for white or red wine, according to your wish. If, in case, you do not have high budget, you can stick to the small bottles of wine available easily during festive season. They make the idea of gifting wine possible without being too expensive on the pocket of the giver.

Coffee Beans
Its autumn and you are planning to organize a Thanksgiving dinner. Still confused about the Thanksgiving Day favors, you draw another sip of your favorite blend of coffee and Bingo, the idea strikes! What can be a better gift for your closed ones than a perfect blend of this beverage? Go to the nearest retailer choose from your favorite varieties and ask him to vacuum seal the packets and then pack them in beautiful gift bags.

Potpourri Mixes
If gifting something edible is not your call then you can consider gifting your guests with something unique, a potpourri. As it is autumn, think of some season inspired fragrances. Mix them together and put a scoopful of this preparation into a small favor satchel. Your guests will be enchanted with its fragrance.

Thanksgiving Boxes
You can give small boxes and bags which go great with the spirit of Thanksgiving Day. Later you can fill these favor boxes and bags with savories such as candies in shape of pumpkin or leaves as fall is the season. Filling the boxes with season specific truffles can also be a nice idea.

Thanksgiving Candles
Aromatic candles, too, make nice favors as these are mostly inexpensive and are usually liked by everyone. Try this arrangement-take a white colored plate. Place a small glass holder, with an aromatic candle inside it, at the centre of the plate or tray. Now scatter a few glass gems on the plate. This will be a perfect centerpiece for your dinner table. Wrap these with the help of cling wrap and gift it to your guests.

Turkey Favors
Favors resembling turkeys are quite common on Thanksgiving Day. Its major reason being that turkey is almost synonymous with Thanksgiving, thanks to it being the staple food on Thanksgiving. Turkey shaped edibles such as candies or chocolates are quite common so are the turkey shaped card holder and candles. Common or not, these turkey themed favors are quite a hit on Thanksgiving. Get your hands on some and you can be rest assured that your guests would leave the party with a big, broad smile.