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'Give Thanks To God The Lord' is a popular choice for the Thanksgiving Church song.

Give Thanks To God The Lord

Thanksgiving Day is an annual national holiday observed in the United States of America to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Rich is legend and symbolism, Thanksgiving Day originated in 1621 and was a religious festival then. Today, the festival has become largely secular and frivolous. It is a holiday observed on the fourth Thursday of November. Traditionally, people gather at one place to enjoy a large meal, consisting of roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies, and seasonal vegetables. Mostly, it is a four-day weekend, allowing everyone to make a trip out of town and visit places and relatives. Nevertheless, the primary motive of thanking the Lord is still practiced across the nation. "Give Thanks To God The Lord" is a famous church hymn written by Susan H. Peterson, which is sung to the tune of "Diademata" by George J. Elvey. Continue reading to know the lyrics of the song.

Give thanks to God the Lord; upon his name now call.
Make known among the people on earth what he has done for all.
Sing praise to him, now sing; his wondrous acts proclaim.
Rejoice, all you who seek the Lord; come glory in his name.

Look to the Lord's great strength; remember all his deeds.
His judgments are in all of the earth; he is the Lord indeed.
His cov'nant e'er will stand; his oath he'll ne'er forget.
A thousand generations pass; God's word continues yet.

Sing to the Lord, all earth; his saving power proclaim.
Declare his glory to every race; his marv'lous deeds now name.
For great is God the Lord, most worthy of all praise.
He made the heavens and the earth; fear him and give him praise.

Splendor and majesty before the Lord are found.
Both strength and joy with him do dwell; bring off'rings, come bow down.
Ascribe unto the Lord the glory due his name;
The splendor of his holiness now worship and proclaim.

Let now the heav'ns rejoice; let earth give glad refrain.
The world is 'stablished, ne'er to be moved; tell everyone God reigns!
Now let the sea resound, be jubilant all fields;
The forest trees will sing for joy; earth's judge is now revealed.

Give thanks to God the Lord; his goodness now declare.
He saves, delivers from every foe; his love endures fore'er.
Give thanks unto his name and glory in his praise;
Praise to the God of Israel for everlasting days.