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'Ten Thousand Thanks To Jesus' is one of the most popular melodies in the Thanksgiving music list.

Ten Thousand Thanks To Jesus

The tempting and irresistible smell of roasted turkeys cooking in the neighborhood reminds one that Thanksgiving is arriving soon and will be sighted in every household. Turkeys are symbolic to Thanksgiving and play a vital role in the celebrations. Besides, yummy mashed potatoes, apple pies, pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, and other fall vegetables indicate that it's time to thank God for granting us with such bountiful harvest and bestowing his blessings upon us. The harvest festival of Thanksgiving is celebrated with much pomp and fervor in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. Even though traditions have transformed over the years, but the essence of expressing gratitude remains intact. To contribute to your gratefulness, here is a hymn titled "Ten Thousand Thanks To Jesus", penned by Matilda C. Day and harmonized by William J. Kirkpatrick. Know the wordings of this song in the section below.

Ten thousand thanks to Jesus,
Whose life our ransom paid,
Whose blood a full atonement
For all the world has made.
Let every heart adore Him;
Let every creature sing
Ten thousand thanks to Jesus,
Our Savior and our King.


(Ten thousand thanks,
Ten thousand thanks,
We'll praise Him o'er and o'er;
And for the life with Him to live,
Ten thousand thousand more!)

Ten thousand thanks to Jesus;
How gladly would we give
Ten thousand lives to Jesus,
Had we so long to live.
Ten thousand tongues shall praise Him,
Ten thousand songs ascend
To Him, our blest Redeemer,
To Him, our dearest Friend!


Ten thousand thanks to Jesus
For blessings every hour;
Ten thousand times ten thousand,
For love's redeeming power;
And when we hear His welcome
Beyond the rolling sea,
His love thro' endless ages
Our sweetest song shall be!