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Get to know all on Thanksgiving e-cards and how to personalize and send Thanksgiving e-cards.

Thanksgiving E-Cards

Thanksgiving Day is a blissful event which includes everything - Thanksgiving prayers, Thanksgiving Dinner, Thanksgiving crafts, and so on - that makes it a day to look forward to. Thanksgiving is a day when you express your gratitude towards others, be it anyone - parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, etc. Above all, it is a day to pay homage to the Almighty for granting a bountiful harvest during the autumn season. Talking about expressing your appreciation and thankfulness towards your near and dear ones, Thanksgiving cards prove to be a perfect fit. Cards work wonders while giving an expression and embodiment to your emotions. Thanksgiving cards come in various forms and types. With time, the traditional paper Thanksgiving cards have given way to a more popular choice - Thanksgiving e-cards.

Thanksgiving e-cards are mostly available free of cost on the internet and are also more attractive to look at, given the kind of sophisticated multimedia animation that adds life to them. These e-cards are found in an assortment of types - flash, animated, plain thanksgiving e-card and, so on. Some Thanksgiving e-cards are also interactive which creates a kind of inquisitiveness in the mind of the recipient. A whole range of Thanksgiving e-cards is available on the internet. All one has to do is click on anyone of those attractive looking Thanksgiving e-cards and the rest will be taken care of by the website, which keeps instructing the user of what to do next.

Thanksgiving e-cards can be personalized according to one's own wishes, such as having a background color, pattern, font size and color, style of writing, etc. of own choice. Even the style of music can be altered according to one's tastes and preferences. Thanksgiving e-cards which are non-animated i.e. plain e-cards are also lovely to look at. These Thanksgiving e-cards are crisp in putting across one's expressions of warmth, gratitude, and thankfulness to the recipient. After you have clicked on the Thanksgiving e-card template that you like, you will be directed to a webpage that will have an animation/image (if plain e-card) - a kind of main page - and a form to fill below it. In the form just below the animation/image, you will be asked to make entries such as:
  • Card Header
  • Enter Your Message (For the recipient)
  • Card Footer
  • Your Name
  • Your E-mail Address
  • Recipient’s Name
  • Recipient’s E-mail Address
You will also be asked if you would like to send the same Thanksgiving e-card to multiple recipients.