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Get to know all on funny Thanksgiving card and learn how to make a funny card yourself using easy procedure.

Funny Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving Day is all about celebrating, enjoying, and merry-making. It is on this special day that people express their gratitude to those who have either helped them or those whom they'd like to tell how much they mean to them. A lovely Thanksgiving card is the best way to express your emotions of warmth and thankfulness to those for whom you matter. And if the Thanksgiving card is a funny one, just enough to arouse instant laughter, know your expression couldn't have been better. The little sense of humor added to the card can take your greetings to a more hilarious level. Funny Thanksgiving cards can be categorized into various types depending on what forms their subject, such as Thanksgiving turkey fun cards, Thanksgiving pumpkin fun cards, Thanksgiving family fun cards, and Thanksgiving friend fun cards. Glance further to know more about funny Thanksgiving cards and how you make infuse some hilarity into a homemade Thanksgiving card.

Consider an example of funny Thanksgiving card. Imagine a colorful turkey made on the front holding a placard. The placard reads -
Yes We Can!
Eat Vegetables!
Then, on the inside, there can either be a funny quote or nothing at all, allowing you to scribble a funny one-liner yourself.

Making A Funny Thanksgiving Card

Materials Needed
  • 1 While Drawing Sheet (A-4 size)
  • Color Pencils
  • Glitter Pens (in different colors)
  • Fold the sheet into half.
  • On the front side, sketch some foods served at Thanksgiving dinner like turkey, pumpkin, some wine bottles, cake, salads, and so on. If you want, you may even refer a picture in the magazine etc. for this.
  • Color the sketches using color pencils
  • With a glitter pen, write “Happy Thanksgiving to you”, as the header on the front side.
  • On the inside, write the following message with different glitter pens:
  • Let the stuffing be delicious
    And the turkey pulp
    Let the yam be yummy
    And pies so nice ...
    And Yeh!
    Let your weight remain the same...
    The very next morning!
  • Your funny Thanksgiving card is ready!