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'Ballad Of The Mayflower', a poem by Linda Paulsen is the Poetry about the ship known as Mayflower that carried the pilgrims to the Plymouth Rock.

Ballad of the Mayflower

It was from Europe that the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving was introduced to America when the pilgrims observed the first Thanksgiving meal in 1621. Since then, a rich tradition comprising of a series of festivities and events, has followed. Thanksgiving is an equally feverish festival commemorated in America, similar to Christmas and New Year celebrations. Marked on the 4th Thursday in November, every year, Thanksgiving is a national holiday, observed with immense joy and enthusiasm. Here is a poem titled "Ballad of the Mayflower" penned by Linda G. Paulsen. Mayflower was the ship that carried the pilgrims from Europe to the shores of America at Plymouth Rock. This poem simple narrates the journey of the pilgrims in Mayflower to the beginning of the Thanksgiving tradition. Read further to know the lyrics of this pleasing poem.

There was a ship, Mayflower by name; Hey, Ho -
Took a trip, she crossed the main; Hey, Ho -
Full of people seeking peace,
Praying for freedom to increase;
Hey, Ho, Dee-o, Dee-o!

The Pilgrims came to Plymouth Rock; Hey, Ho -
Simple people, sturdy stock; Hey, Ho -
To be free they crossed the sea,
Thanked the Lord on bended knee; Hey, Ho, Dee-o, Dee-o!

How when the crops were gathered in; Hey, Ho -
A dinner party did begin; Hey, Ho -
Pilgrims, Indians, pumpkin pie, Turkey, venison, corn, oh my!
Hey, Ho, Dee-o, Dee-o!

Bet you thought my song was done; Hey, Ho -
But I've really just begun; Hey, Ho -
Ever since that autumn day,
Thanksgiving has been here to stay, Hey, Ho, Dee-o, Dee-o!