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'Thanksgiving Morning' describes the experiences of Thanksgiving Day as a poem. The poetry discusses all that happens through the day right till after the Thanksgiving Dinner in the night.

Thanksgiving Morning

The very mention of Thanksgiving waters your mouth with the succulent roasted turkey, enticing mashed potatoes, appetizing seasonal veggies, and irresistible pumpkin pies. After all, nothing can beat the taste and flavor of the traditional delicacies prepared on the special occasion of Thanksgiving. If you wish to set yourself to the ultimate mood of feasting and digging some awesomely delectable meals, this festival is simply perfect for you. And to add to your delight, we present you the 'Thanksgiving Morning' poem which summarizes the journey from smelling the dishes prepared for the Thanksgiving dinner to the leftovers being slid into the refrigerator to be enjoyed the next day. Listed here are the lyrics of this poem that will help you cherish and memorize your Thanksgiving celebrations.

As I open my eyes in the early morning,
The sun shines through the window.
The smell of baking turkey fills the air.
I put on my slippers and crawl out of bed.
After opening my door, I see my mom in the kitchen.
I come out of my room and help to prepare.

Later on we all sit down at the table,
My family, friends, and me.
After saying Grace, we all pile food on our plates.
The last of the dirty dishes are washed,
And the left-overs are put in the fridge.
Everyone is so full; our Thanksgiving dinner was great!
- Anonymous