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Herein mentioned are some fun-filled, Thanksgiving activities that you and your kids can enjoy on this special occasion of Thanksgiving.

Activities For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a popular festival prominently celebrated in United States and Canada. It is traditionally celebrated to thank God, family and friends for the ample harvest and thriving wealth. Thanksgiving falls in Canada on the second Monday of October and on the fourth Thursday of November in USA. It is a great time for family and friends to get together and celebrate this harmonious festival in high spirits. While people are mostly busy all through the year, such kind of festival gives them time to get social and spend some memorable time and share different activities of fun and laughter. On this Thanksgiving holiday, indulge in some fun-filled Thanksgiving activities and make the most of the holiday. Read further to learn about some interactive and interesting activities for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Family Activities

Thanksgiving Crafts
You and your kids can use the occasion of Thanksgiving to explore your skills in making interesting and beautiful crafts. There are plenty of options available for you to choose. Either you can make the paper-cup boy and girl or can make the crafts like paper cup turkey, handprint turkey and clothes peg turkey. You can also create Thanksgiving fuse bead patterns of different shapes and sizes.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages
Coloring the Thanksgiving pages is a great fun activity for kids, which they can enjoy when adults are busy decorating the home or preparing dinner. Thanksgiving coloring pages are available for all ages and have a wide range of coloring designs including Thanksgiving dinner, pilgrim and Native American children, harvest coloring pages, Mayflower and Squanto.

Thanksgiving Printables & Worksheets
On this special occasion of Thanksgiving, you and your kids can indulge in various fun activities such as creating different Thanksgiving printables and worksheets. There are different types of worksheets available such as Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem Worksheet in which you have to create an acrostic poem using the letters of the word "Thanksgiving", and the Thanksgiving Alphabetical Order Worksheet, in which you have to place different vocabulary words in alphabetical order. Apart from these, there are other printables such as Color Match, Finish My Phrase Harvest Time, Harvest Bingo, Harvest Draw, Harvest Word Find, Harvest Word Puzzle, Harvest Word Scramble, Thanksgiving Bingo, Thanksgiving Picture Bingo and Thanksgiving Word Find.

Thanksgiving Stories
Every popular holiday and festival has several interesting stories and fables associated with it. These stories not only add charm to the festival, but also provide a great fun activity of listening and reading them. Like any other holiday, Thanksgiving also has several stories based on the theme and message of this festival. These stories include The First Thanksgiving, A Thanksgiving Dinner That Flew Away, Chip's Thanksgiving, The Master of the Harvest and The Horn of Plenty.

Thanksgiving Jigsaws
Jigsaw puzzles have been a popular fun activity for centuries and loved by all ages. On the occasion of Thanksgiving, when the whole family is gathered and spending some quality time together, these jigsaw puzzles can be a great way to have some memorable moments. There are different Thanksgiving puzzles available in market for this occasion. All the family members can gather together and solve the jigsaw puzzles.