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If by way of music is how you wish to spend much of your Thanksgiving Day, then go through this article on Thanksgiving music.

Thanksgiving Music

Feasts, parades, and football are all well and good, but Thanksgiving Day, as the name itself suggests is a day to be thankful for all that you've got: family, friends, food, clothes, shelter, job, and most importantly: life and the celebration can never be complete until a heartfelt thanks is offered. And the power of offering thanks gets multiplied when it is backed by Thanksgiving music and songs that you've either grown up to, or have touched you deep. On Thanksgiving, when the whole family is together, make use of the Thanksgiving songs to offer thanks to the Almighty or have them play in low volume at the dinner table: right from the moment one says grace before starting the dinner to the end of the meal. Even if you are to indulge in some fun family moments, music will be one of the best of options. However, don't worry if there aren't any good Thanksgivings songs that you know of, for below provided is a list of some soulful songs that will help you express the thankfulness that you feel but are unable to convey.

Music For Thanksgiving

Amazing Grace
Written back in 1772 by an Englishman John Newton, Amazing Grace is probably one of the most popular of Christian hymns/songs. It first appeared in print in Newton's Olney hymns in 1779. Over the years, the song has been sung in many different tunes at churches and spiritual gatherings. A perfect song to sing or play this coming Thanksgiving!

Come Ye Thankful
It's the song "Come, ye thankful people, come", along with few others that popularized the idea of harvest festival and celebrating it in churches began in 1843 in the British Churches. It is now among the popular songs to listen to at Thanksgivings.

What a Wonderful World
A classic sung by the popular singer Louis Armstrong, the song silently describes what a wonderful world it is and what joy is to be had from the littlest of things that display the brilliance of God. Give thanks and praise the Almighty at the same time with this soul touching song.

Be Thankful
This song, sung by Natalie Cole, touches the hearts of both young and old and asks you to be thankful no matter what you got. The song will be great addition to the list of songs to sing or play.

Give Thanks & Praise
"Give Thanks and Praises to the Most High, Give Thanks and Praises So High, He will not deceive us my brethren; He will only lead us again..." The song with its reggae music and Bob Marley himself behind the mike; has a very mellow and thankful approach. With this song, thankfulness will flow naturally.

I'll Praise You in This Storm
"And I'll praise you in this storm and I will lift my hands, for you are who you are no matter where I am..." Sung by the Christian worship rock band Casting Crowns, the song is full of energy and emotions and pitch perfect to play and sing on the Thanksgiving Day.

Our God is an Awesome God
"Our god is an awesome God, he reigns, from heaven and above, with wisdom power and love; our God is an awesome God..." There's no better way to give thanks to the Lord other than by praising his name and proclaiming that he, indeed, is awesome. Yet another great song to include in the playlist!

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