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Thanksgiving is a special occasion to narrate stories related to the holiday. Read the following article to know about some Thanksgiving stories.

Thanksgiving Stories

The history of Thanksgiving dates back to the year 1621, which marks the first instance when a grand feast was organized between the Native Americans and the European settlers. Europeans brought with them the harvest traditions and celebrated their safe journey and good harvest on their arrival which formed the basis of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving traditions are a mix of Native American and Europeans traditions. Like any other holiday or festival, Thanksgiving is also associated with several stories and legends. These stories are prominently told to the children during family dinners and form an important Thanksgiving activity. Thanksgiving stories not only engage children but also provide them with the moral value and significance of Thanksgiving. Some of the very common Thanksgiving stories are An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, The Thanksgiving Visitor, Molly's Pilgrim and Cranberry Thanksgiving. Read further to know more about these popular Thanksgiving stories.

Thanksgiving Stories

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
This story is written by Louisa May Alcott and is a heartwarming tale showing old fashioned ethics and moral values. The story is about a big family of nine members who are looking forward to celebrating an intimate Thanksgiving, while their parents are out to a family relative. In the absence of their parents, children run and manage the farm by themselves. They plan to surprise their parents with a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, although everything doesn't go according to the way the kids had planned and results in a funny, interesting and sweet tale. The end is quite heartwarming as everyone celebrates a joyful Thanksgiving. It is a great Thanksgiving story showing strong moral values and cooperation between siblings.

Molly's Pilgrim
Another very special and popular Thanksgiving story is Molly's Pilgrim. The story is about a young Russian girl named Molly who has immigrated to America and was having a tough time learning the new culture. The story accounts the event when Molly's teacher decides to teach the class about Thanksgiving and uses the forms of pilgrims and Native Americans. Being new to the American culture, Molly and her mother take a different but better meaning of Pilgrim. The story is quite excellent and teaches the basic reasons behind celebrating Thanksgiving. It is a great story to be told to the children at Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving Visitor
Written by Truman Capote, it is a tale of compassion, forgiveness and unforgettable hospitality. The story is mainly based on Buddy who is cruelly bullied by the town bully, Odd Henderson. Unexpected events take place when Buddy's cousin asks Buddy to invite his enemy, Henderson to Thanksgiving dinner. The story is filled with several twists and turns, ultimately resulting in a funny and interesting family read.

Cranberry Thanksgiving
Cranberry Thanksgiving is a very popular Thanksgiving story and is a must read for everyone. The story is based on a little girl and her grandmother who invite two very special people to their Thanksgiving dinner. The two guests are very different in their qualities and nature, one of them is a very famous guest, while the other is an eccentric person. The story is rolled around the theme that looks can be deceiving and provides a great and funny read. It is among the best Thanksgiving stories that can be read aloud to children on this holiday.