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We have brought you some of the most interesting Thanksgiving Games and Activities for your next big Thanksgiving Party that can be played by kids and adults alike.

Thanksgiving Games

Similar to any harvest festival observed in different nations across the world, the United States of America celebrates this season as Thanksgiving Day. Commemorated on the fourth Thursday of November, this harvest festival is marked with immense enthusiasm and merrymaking. A unique way to thank God for the bountiful and generous harvest blessed by him to his people, the festival takes the look of a lavish holiday, marked by family gatherings, sumptuous delicacies, colorful parades, and several sport activities. In America, Thanksgiving is one of the major six holidays of the year. Where activities are concerned, tons of exciting and fascinating games engulf the celebrations. Read on further for some unique and interesting Thanksgiving games to play with your friends, relatives, and loved ones at this time of family reunion.

Being an improvisation of 'Passing the Parcel', all people present have to sit around in a circle. They have to pass the 'thankerchief', or a handkerchief, around while singing:

"Thankerchief, thankerchief, around you go
Where you'll stop, nobody knows.
But when you do, someone must say,
What they are thankful for this day."

As soon as the poem ends, the person who has got the 'thankerchief' has to speak out something for which they are thankful to the Lord.

Turkey Hunt
Draw several turkey pictures beforehand or cut and paste them on a number of cards. Hide them throughout the room. Now all the participants have to hunt for the turkeys. The person with the maximum number of turkey cards is declared as the winner and receives a special Thanksgiving prize. You can add to the fame by giving the hunters clues from time to time.

Mr. Turkey, Here I Come
One player is to leave the group while others hide a turkey toy or picture in the room. The player then returns back and tries to find the turkey. If the player is near the turkey, everyone should gobble loudly; else the volume should subside consequently if the player moves farther away from the turkey. After the player has found the turkey, the group has to pick up another player and follow the game in the same manner. The game ends when all players have had their chance to hunt the turkey. The player, who finds the turkey in the least time, turns victorious.

Cornucopia! Thanksgiving Game
Everyone in the party is given a Thanksgiving Name such as Apple, Turkey, Potato, Cranberry, Corn, Pie, and other such names. The same number of chairs is arranged in the room, one chair for each participant. Then, the leader calls out any two names, such as 'Apple' and 'Corn', the participants who have been assigned those names have to immediately switch over seats. Any delay on the part of any one of them would result in getting both of them out, along with their chair. The leader may suddenly call out 'Cornucopia' at any time and everybody, including the leader, has to get up and change his/her seats. Anybody who sits last is out with their chair. Sounds like an adaptation of the world-famous 'Musical Chairs'!