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Decorate your homes this Thanksgiving using some interesting and inexpensive Thanksgiving decoration ideas. Read on.

Cheap Thanksgiving Decoration

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated to commemorate the first feast of 1621 shared by the pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. Thanksgiving is a fun-filled festival that includes Thanksgiving prayers, feast and a host of other activities, making it an event to look forward to. This holiday also offers people to unleash their creative skills. People whole heartedly indulge in decorating their homes beautifully for the event. Thanksgiving decorations generally involve usage of various symbols, like turkey, pumpkin, pilgrims, and natives, which have come to being identified with Thanksgiving Day. It is interesting to note that Thanksgiving decorations need not always be a costly affair. People can beautifully decorate their homes without spending through their nose. Cheap yet appealing decorations for Thanksgiving can be made possible by simply making use of some imagination, creativity and aesthetic sense. Let us have a look at some inexpensive ideas which help you decorate your homes during Thanksgiving.

Floral and Leafy Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Create a bed of autumn leaves, gathered from your lawn, on a narrow rectangular tray. Make sure to completely cover the tray, such that no design on the tray is visible. Place an assortment of small, colorful gourds, preferably of the same size, on top of the leaves. Add contrasting flowers from the mum plant between the gourds to complete the centerpiece.

Fruit and Candle Centerpiece
With some common items found in the home, you can create an attractive centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Place a small glass tumbler in the center of a large clear glass bowl. Take about 6 red apples and 6 small oranges or tangerines, and arrange them around the tumbler, alternating the colors. Place a tall, dripless candle firmly in the tumbler and surround it with enough cranberries to keep the candle upright. Finally, add 3 variegated mums on top of the fruits. Time to light the candle and enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner! Eat and enjoy your centerpiece after the holiday!

Fall Centerpiece
A leisure stroll around the garden, orchard, or grocery store will help you gather all the supplies required to create this lovely decoration. Get beautifully colored veggies, such as artichokes, eggplant, mini pumpkins, squash, gourds, avocados, and Swiss chard. Also gather some attractively colored fruits, like apples, pears, pomegranates, persimmons, limes, oranges, and lemons. Some mum plants or branches of flowers would be ideal to enhance the overall beauty. Take a large oval or round metal or glass platter and arrange the largest vegetables on it. Pile up the smaller veggies and fruits around the larger ones. Tuck in the leaves of the greens in and around the vegetable pieces, to fill the gaps. Spray the arrangement with water to keep it fresh and shining.