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Liven up your yards this Thanksgiving using amazing and easy to follow Thanksgiving yard decoration ideas.

Thanksgiving Yard Decorations

Commemorated with immense enthusiasm and merriment, the harvest festival of Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November, each year. Prayers, feasts, football, holidaying, parades, and turkey form the major ingredients of this wonderful festival. The holiday marks the beginning of the Christmas season, starting right after Thanksgiving comes to an end. The four-day festival allows everyone to meet and mingle with their family, friends, relatives, and loved ones. Lots of preparations are made before the day finally arrives. Decorating homes and cooking up traditional delicacies can be seen in every household. Talking about decorations, people indulge in not only indoor decor but also beautifying the outdoors, including lawns, doorways, and yards. Thanksgiving yard decorations brighten up the exteriors and make up for an impressive welcome for the guests. Let us have a look at some ideas that can be utilized to decorate yards during Thanksgiving.

Here are some brilliant ideas you can use to decorate your yards on Thanksgiving. Hay Bales - can be used as platforms for smaller Thanksgiving accessories or can be placed as extra seating on your front porch. Alternatively, they can be used as stuffing for a great fall scare crow. You can buy this from a local hardware shop at a reasonable price.

Gourds can be planted in your garden and prove to be really a cheap option for decorating the yard. Alternatively, you can buy them from local farmers' market. Line up the gourds at the steps in place of the potted plants. They do not need much watering and last longer than potted plants.

Mums are affordable plants that grow well in cool fall winter and can be found in most nurseries. When used as accents, mums look exceptionally brilliant and impressive. Chrysanthemums are a hearty and vibrant option to enhance your yard. Since they are small, they tend to lose their dramatic appeal, unless you purchase them in 6 12 inch pots. Place mums in groups of three in a variety of colors at the entrance or line them up around the yard.

Old Straw Hat
An old straw hat can be hanged on your front door using push pins. The hat can be further beautified using fake fall colored flowers. For a more striking feel, you can tie a ribbon around the hat. All these things are easily available in the market at very reasonable prices.

Old Leather Boots
Old leather boots can creatively be worked upon for a stunning yard decor. You can plant your mums and other fall plants in these boots. To add to the fun, keep them near the scarecrow, which is placed without any shoes on.

Fall Leaf Garlands
Create a colorful garland by stringing fall leaves together and hanging it on your entrance door frame or any other outdoor place you desire. The fall colors will augment the festive feel of Thanksgiving.