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Here's bringing for you interesting ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving dinner table. Read on to brighten your turkey feast.

Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Thanksgiving Day is a harvest festival commemorated annually on the fourth Thursday of November. Turkeys, feasts, football, parades, and holidaying are some significant symbols of this magnificent festival. Just as the meals are sumptuous and delicious, so are the decorations - fascinating, appealing, and inviting. Thanksgiving decorations usually include symbols that have come to be identified with the event traditionally, like cornucopia, pumpkin, turkey, and so on. Thanksgiving feast, being the highlight of the festival, keeps everyone involved in activities ranging from preparing scrumptious meals to decorating the Thanksgiving dinner table. Table decoration adds color to the feast, giving it an attractive look. People devote a lot of time and energy in decorating their Thanksgiving dinner tables to make them look pleasing to the guests. Let us have a look at some ideas to decorate the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Gourds or Baby Pumpkins
For Thanksgiving, this is a win-win table decoration idea. Cute and thematic, gourds or small pumpkins can be ideally used to add a whimsical and impressive feel to each plate setting. Using a stencil or free hand, paint each guest's name on the pumpkin, or pin up a little place setting card to the top or front of each gourd or pumpkin. Allow the guests to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal, while taking the pumpkin along with them as a keepsake.

Fresh Fruit
Autumn and harvest go hand in hand. Nothing can be better than using some fresh pieces of fruit as fascinating table decorations for Thanksgiving. Bright, beautiful, inexpensive, and edible, fruits can be used in a number of ways to decorate the table. Add little nametags to the stems of pears and apples, and place them on the table as place setting cards. Alternatively, you can place bright apples in a large bowl. Fresh cranberries can also be placed in candle bowls or laid in a line around the middle of the table.

Whenever you think of Thanksgiving, cornucopia is a traditional image for table decorations. When used properly, they make wondrous centerpieces. Fill up a cornucopia with apples, nuts in the shell, or appetizers like mini egg rolls. Surround the cornucopias arrange on the table with some waxed autumn leaves to enhance and complete the look.

Candles always look beautiful and adorable when used as decorative items, on all occasions, including Thanksgiving Day. Pick up several candles in assorted sizes to adorn the table. You can even use floating candles with rose petals for a more fascinating look. Or, team them up with other decorative items to make the table all the more appealing and impressive.

Natural Fibers
Go natural this Thanksgiving by instilling lots of natural fibers to festoon your table. Tie a bit of raffia around the cloth napkins at each place setting. For the table runner, you can use those made from bamboo or other natural fiber. For a earthy-looking table decor, you can pile up moss or peat down the middle of the table. Simple, natural yet beautiful and pretty!